Anxious love

I have small fears.
I don’t deal with big ones.
Like that ceiling fan can fall on me,
like my heart can fall for you in any moment,
like I no more watch dreams,
because people like you have stopped coming in there.
What if you come and hold me?
From that moment the world would be so so big for me but from that moment I wouldn’t give a damn about it.
Because you already made my heart so so small.
I don’t know how? but yes you did.
Like I stopped reading to get inspire,
I stopped listening music to get motivation.
I don’t want to get influenced by all this.
I want to keep my feelings pure.
Pure as night.
Only then I can write clean and call it mine.


a solitary you

You are not solo

plenty of good soul

go out and look around

many of smiles are waiting

waiting for you to gaze

gaze and smile at them

adore the beauty

of this nature.

A damsel sitting next to you

in the bus;

the playing childern

in the public park;

the old man at the church;

talk to them make friends.

You can go through subway

Evening is the prefect time

take a ride

let go and Keep flow

watch the sunset

say good bye to sun

for the awesome day

you had.


Ek baat

Wo khwab jo ab nindo me nhi aate

Wo ninde jo ab raato me nhi aati

Aati hai to us mej par 

Jaha tum aksar wo kitab pdha krti thi

Ek sukun sa milta hai

Uski kurshi pe beth kr 

apna sar Kitabo k bich rkh kr 

Na jane kyun aisa lgta hai jaise wo sukun k pal jo tumne kitabo k sang bitaye the

Wo mere liye the!

Sayad tumhe pata tha ki ek din mere khwab itne gehre ho jaenge ki meri nind hi kho jaegi!
Aksar ye baat apne aap se kehta hu
Tum na sahi par ye pal to hai

Tumhari khushboo yhi bikhri hai

Do pal hi sahi meri aankhe band ho jati hai

Aur le jati hai muje Teri aur..



Isse hasin aur kya hoga ki maine dekha tha tumhe baris me.. 

Bheegi bheegi si tum kisi apsra se km nhi lg rhi thi.. 

Baalo ki latt jo tumhare chehre pe aa gyi thi.. 

Boond boond baras rhi thi..  

Hotho se sarakte sarakte mano gardan se galiyan dhundh rhi thi..

Mera hosh le bethi wo boonde jo tumhari kamar pe aa k ruk gyi thi.. 

Sayad unhe bhi ehsaas tha tumhari khoobsurti ka.. 

Wo bhi behna bhul chuki thi..